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The Room

The room is full, a straggling chair or two in the corner.

There are no more blocked-out seats, but every face is masked nonetheless.

“Have you traveled anywhere outside of the country in the last 4 months?”

“Even if things improve, I’ll still be a teacher.”

The room’s chatter is low, respectful. Broken only by an occasional voice from the front.

The voice calls out, “I have three more names on the booaaard….”

The room pauses as everyone turns to look. Three people stand up.

A farmer from
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

Cro-pocalypse: The Rise of Crochet

When the subject of crochet comes up, and I begin to talk, it’s like a door opening to sunshine and happiness.

Or sometimes, a door to a fascinating volcanic firestorm. (Gee, what does that look like anyway?)

And people always comment, “Wow, I never realized ____, and you’re so passionate about crochet!”

Usually there’s a new spark in their eyes, a little like the one in mine.

And I know I have accomplished my goal: Infection.

Infection can be evil, or it can be good. I propose we have a lot to learn from viruses. I propose that Joy is just as easy to spread as Hate...
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Sometimes Even Nellie Oleson Is Right

“There’s always a Nellie Oleson.” Anyone who grew up reading or watching Little House on the Prairie barks a knowing laugh.

Fact is, there is always that person somewhere in your life. That one person who gets under your skin, who acts as a challenge to you. Whether as a minor yet annoying inconvenience, or as someone whose very existence seems to defy yours. Perhaps that one person you can’t help but think p

Handling the Brown Recluse…

Today is warm and beautiful outdoors. I’ve never had a green thumb, yet enticed by the fresh air and clear skies, I head outdoors to work on my backyard.

Mainly, there is much trimming and raking to be done. I hear there are all sorts of trimming rules for the health of your bushes and trees, but I know none of these things. However, I want to host a cookout and clean things up. I haven’t ventured out to maintain anything back there in months.

So I do things the slow way...

To Hold…

The birth of a child does funny things to a parent.

The instant they are part of your life, you can’t imagine life without them.

It’s like it always was and was always going to be.

Those first years are the time you get to know your child in a special way.

One that they will never remember and will never see the way you do.

As they grow up, gain confidence, mature, and remember this or that about their lives, those are the years and triumphs you will always…
Photo by Kristina Chuprina on Pexels

12 Brilliant Ways To Create More Time To Crochet!

1. Sleep in your clothes. You’ve probably heard about laying your clothes out the night before to save time the next morning. But I say heck – why not cut the time out altogether? Go to bed dressed for tomorrow. That way you don’t have to dress when you get up in the morning, thereby saving you even more time. Note: T-shirts, jeans and knit items work the best.

2. Eat breakfast in the shower. How long do you take to eat breakfast in the morning? I’m guessing you probably scarf something down in
Photo by Pawel Kalisinski on Pexels

Jellyfish For A Pet

“You know, mommy? I’d like to have a jellyfish for a pet. That would be very cool!”

My son pauses in thought in the back seat. “They look so cool floating in the water.”

On the way home in the car is where a great many of my now 11-year-old son’s greatest ideas and our ensuing conversations occur. Many of them lend to the rather extra-ordinary or even surreal vs. your average, run-of-the-mill kind of small talk between kids and parents.

Subjects range anywhere from “I wonder what the biggest...

About Me

I usually say...

"I am a technical content writer, editor, and copywriter based in Austin, TX. You can follow me on social media with the links below."

But on this page—this personal peek into my creative mind and design-driven world—I share a little more.

I am a method writer.
I am a mother.
I am a gamer.
I am a Doctor Who fan.
I am a Maker and an artist.
I'm a geek and a bit of a tech junky.
I grew up working in our family's engraving business.
I am a designer and minor micro-influencer in crochet.
I am an introvert.
I am a public speaker.
I am an early adopter of too many tech platforms to list here.
I am a caregiver and a brain cancer advocate.
I am a teacher.
I am a researcher.
I am a volunteer.
I am a top 10 influencer on Twitter for #braincancer.
I have mixed feelings about that last one.
I believe love and compassion are essential human qualities.
My first vehicle was a Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle.
I laid it down, once.
I also ran out of gas once and had to push it 6 miles.
I am a composer, pianist, and singer.
I am a tornado survivor.
My first paid article was about my tornado experience.
My first award-winning speech was too.
I overcame crippling shyness.
Writing and piano were my pathways out.
Overcoming the fear doesn't mean it's completely gone.

There are a lot of "I"s here, but there's one I save for last.
I am a veteran's widow. A widow of glioblastoma.

Brain cancer and widowhood advocacy are an important part of my life's volunteer work, as is advocating for our veterans with brain cancer.

Nothing prepares you for young widowhood or terminal brain cancer, and there are few resources to navigate either.  As well, honestly, there's a lot to demystify about surviving either.

Someday, I hope to create a foundation that helps change all that.

If it sounds like writing,
I rewrite it. Or, if proper usage gets in the way, it may have to go. I can't allow what we learned in English composition to disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative.

Elmore Leonard

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