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Top Pharmacy Software 2022

Retail and long-term care pharmacies use pharmacy software to streamline operations and repetitive tasks. From inventory management to regulatory compliance, pharmacy software is designed to manage every aspect of the pharmacy business. These solutions include business-critical capabilities, such as advance expiry alerts, automated sales operations, and purchase tracking. They can also help pharmacy owners to plan and monitor employee work hours.
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The Connection Between Poor Oral Health and Stroke | DOCS Education

The benchmark of optimal brain health is one’s capacity to perform well in everyday life and work. Our ability to think, make choices, live a good life, and feel happiness and satisfaction, are all tied to our brains’ health and function. Aside from our ability to perceive the world around us, the operations of our entire body depend on our brains’ health.

For decades researchers have suggested connections between poor oral health and diseases of the brain. Mounting evidence reveals that the re
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Broken Teeth and Dental Emergencies: Bruxism on the Rise in 2020 | DOCS Education

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, dentists are treating more dental emergencies than ever before. Dental professionals from across the United States have reported a dramatic increase in the number of cases they see for cracked and broken teeth, some with unusually severe damage.

According to Derek T. Peek, an endodontist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he saw fewer patients overall but treated twice as many patients with broken teeth in August of 2020 than he did in 2019.

In the New York Times, Dr. Ta
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Is Swimming Harmful To Your Patients’ Teeth? | DOCS Education

It’s no mystery that regular physical activity is one of the best ways to keep the human body healthy.

Exercise improves energy levels, increases strength, improves immune function, clears the mind, and generally improves overall well-being. Few activities can positively impact our quality of life as much as physical exercise does.

While exercise options abound, swimming remains one of the most popular choices. Swimming is low impact, beneficial to the heart, joint-friendly, and allows the bod
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Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act Receives Support From STRANGER THINGS’ Star Gaten Matarazzo | DOCS Education

American actor and singer Gaten Matarazzo, best known for his famous role as the character Dustin Henderson in the hit Netflix sci-fi series, Stranger Things, is making waves as a powerful advocate for people born with craniofacial abnormalities.

When he is not filming for Netflix or performing with his band, Gaten dedicates much of his time to raising awareness about a medical disorder he was born with, cleidocranial dysplasia. More recently, he has appeared in videos and visited Capitol Hill
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The Ancient Romans Had Healthier Smiles Than We Do Today | DOCS Education

With ready access to the quality dental care enjoyed in our world today, it might be easy to think that ancient cultures must have had terrible teeth and health.

However, such an assumption about the ancient Romans would be quite mistaken.

In an interdisciplinary project among Italian archaeologists, computer engineers, anthropologists, radiologists, and orthodontists, research has revealed that the ancient Romans had healthier smiles than we do in modern life today.1

A historical event lends
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Hospital Management Systems

Hospital management systems (HMS) are software suites that provide private information and management features. These systems are customized to suit the needs of many different types of medical organizations, including hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, and nursing homes.

Hospital management systems are the backbone of running any medical facility. An HMS enables staff to communicate with each other and share patient information securely across departments. A well-designed HMS improves workflows and procedures, increases patient safety, and keeps a hospital run smoothly.

These systems help administrators streamline everything from medical billing to inventory management, scheduling medical procedures, and assigning...

The Room

The room is full, a straggling chair or two in the corner.

There are no more blocked-out seats, but every face is masked nonetheless.

“Have you traveled anywhere outside of the country in the last 4 months?”

“Even if things improve, I’ll still be a teacher.”

The room’s chatter is low, respectful. Broken only by an occasional voice from the front.

The voice calls out, “I have three more names on the booaaard….”

The room pauses as everyone turns to look. Three people stand up.

A farmer from

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